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Business Summary

We work constantly to save NHS Scotland money, to deliver benefits and to reduce risk through supply management, managing over £1 billion in national contracts for everything from telecoms to blood tubes.  From our National Distribution Centre in the heart of Lanarkshire, each year we deliver millions of vital supplies for patients to hospitals across Scotland.  We continually work to implement smarter processes to get better at what we do to benefit NHS Scotland and its patients.

We play an essential role in the contracting process, to ensure that the products that are used are both high quality and value for money, and that risks associated with their supply are minimised.  As part of drawing up a national contract, we work closely with expert end-users both to specify what they need to do their jobs and to test the products to ensure that they are suitable for use.

We support NHS Scotland in reducing IT costs by helping to manage the retirement of redundant services and to manage a portfolio of systems underpinning the Scottish healthcare system by ensuring service levels are maintained by suppliers. 

We continue to expand the areas National Procurement is involved in, as part of a drive to extend the range of products and services covered by national contracts. This includes estates areas like non-clinical waste management and pharmacy areas for both branded and generic drugs. 

We also undertake specific Intensive Improvement Activities for NHS Scotland health boards, engaging senior stakeholders to identify opportunities and risks in their organisations' procurement supply activity.  Together, we have identified significant additional efficiency and savings opportunities within each of the health boards with which we have worked.

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