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Promoting Efficient Systems

The effective use of technology systems is at the heart of procurement reform and National Procurement supports the core initiatives to ensure that health procurement delivers value for money and contributes to the Health and Wellbeing of the People of Scotland.

As well as enabling business to be conducted more simply, consistently and effectively, it plays a key strategic role in delivering and sustaining procurement benefits and best practices.

The use of technology (as identified in the McClelland Report), presents greater opportunities for procurement professionals to influence business by streamlining and standardising procurement the process, delivering more effective contracts, monitoring procurement activity through more meaningful management information and collaborating more effectively.

PECOS Open in new window (Professional Electronic Commerce On-line System) provides a consistent interface to suppliers through standard order, receipt and invoice functionality. Enabling business workflows and audited approval processes to be implemented to ensure compliance to procurement and finance guidelines. Underpinning the delivery of PECOS is a robust Service Management model.  This supports the delivery of the system in a coherent and managed hosted environment with clear Service Level Agreements (SLAs), release management processes and disaster recovery and business continuity plans

The Scottish Procurement Information Hub Open in new window (Spikes Cavell) is an analytical tool which allows procurement professionals to determine how much they are spending on external goods an services from third party suppliers and identify potential collaborative opportunities. The Best Practice Indicators functionality also enables buyers to monitor performance in areas such as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and eCommerce usage.

Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) Open in new window  is the national advertising portal for all contracting opportunities across the Scottish public sector.  It encourages economic growth through developing a competitive market environment in which suppliers have easy access to all essential information on business opportunities in Health and the wider public sector. Suppliers registered on PCS receive an e-mail alert service, notifying them of opportunities as they arise. It also enables the Scottish public sector to achieve best value for money by exposing the majority of contract opportunities to an open and transparent competitive process.  New functionality within PCS will allow suppliers that have won, or are short-listed for public contracts, to advertise sub-contracting opportunities to suppliers further down the supply chain.

Public Contracts Scotland - Tender Open in new window provides buying organisations with a set of web-based collaborative procurement tools which include e-Tendering, e-Evaluation and e-Auction functionality whilst also increasing collaborative working practices. This allows buyers to communicate securely with both their suppliers and stakeholders throughout the procurement lifecycle. This has been closely aligned to best professional practice, encompassed within the  Procurement Journey to ensure that best practice is embedded and that a consistent and standard process is followed in line with EU regulations.  Contract and supplier management functionality are also provided to enable contract managers to actively record and manage all aspects of both contract and supplier performance.  PCS-Tender also includes a set of nationally agreed Standard Pre-Qualification Questions which will assist in reducing the inconsistency in the selection process. A database is currently being introduced which will hold common standard information that is requested from suppliers as part of the selection process.  This will help to simplify processes especially for SMEs. It will reduce duplication of effort, increase efficiency in business administration, reduce disproportionate qualification requirements and inconsistent qualification criteria.

Catalogue Content Management (CCM) Open in new window hub hosts electronic content for contracts at national, sectoral and local level.   It increases compliance to contracts and drives out contract management information. This allows suppliers and procurement teams to easily manage, approve and distribute content to public sector bodies through one central electronic repository. This system is currently being implemented throughout Health and the wider public sector.

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